Blacklights 12 inch split

by Canyons



available now on 12" vinyl


released October 9, 2015

Recorded 2015 by Bradly "Stingray" Perkins



all rights reserved


Canyons Kansas City, Missouri

ride with your folks
sideways in a cloud of smoke
bump it til your amps blow
cos you know its goin down fosho


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Track Name: Hit it For Five
When our resources are depleted we'll only expect more time and time again we've heard the system was out to fuck us what kind of hole did we dig for ourselves if all we know is this life then lets live drop what yr doing I know yr hands are full I swear its worth it I hate to bother you Its a full arm in a gift horses mouth don't want to hear it you can tune out there are people who are treated like they are above the law and there are people who are living in the shackles of society thick lines for miles the way we are chained to a bank account makes me want to take it out
Track Name: Hold it For Ten
the odds are against us we rely on others too much had it too good for too long my hands feel limited i should attempt more with them watch us cling to the status quo when we should have bigger goals parents living through their kids giving them "advantages" they point you to the hoops they want you to jump through How would you act if it was up to you? What would we be like if not told what to do?" and just like the radio how can you hear what they never play you can turn it off and you should but they play the same thing here's to you holding yr college degree I hope it helps you find validity if we are preoccupied how will we learn a fraction of the things from the books they've burned? yr top tens don't mean shit they made them for you I just stay away most people are fooled. if not told what to do.