Creeper split 12"

by Canyons



released June 30, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Canyons Kansas City, Missouri

ride with your folks
sideways in a cloud of smoke
bump it til your amps blow
cos you know its goin down fosho


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Track Name: Double Enchandra
are we wasting our days? and all our time spent. hoping for tomorrow.. I'm not holding my breath. is five times too many? in this year of rabbits. I like when my heart beats right through my chest. this candles burning both ends and I swear that there is nothing better when nothings left.
Track Name: Location Is Everything
Fuck suggesting tired remedies
I think we should try saying what we mean
what is dancing around what we're thinking
ever gonna do for you or for me
like all black clouds that hang high
I rain down you can't hide
influenced all despite
your efforts to stay dry
i'm no wise man
i say what I see
I've wasted many could be memorys
what we should know is
we deserve to try
so many outcomes
you decide
like all black clouds
that hang high
I rain down
you can't hide
Track Name: Small Sprite, No Ice
Try as I may
I can't guarantee
I'll find the way
If the Hills are steep
If the Hills....
and so much can happen
when we choose not to see.
my hands rough from working
shows just where I been
my eyes smile through this and..
it's more about my friends
..... I'm not out to bore you
if you don't give a shit.
the KIDS
to seek out whats different
seeing eachother often
Supporting where we live
whats right now
is so good
we'll never forget it
word of mouth
means so much
when it's truly Genuine
whats right now
is so good
we'll never forget it!
Track Name: We Stay In The 40's
its taking all of us breathing life into this flatlined kansas city
and I believe we're connected in a way that they can't take from me
either you're here or you can't understand that these basement shows where we find ourselves .. we wear community on our sleeves we stay in the forties we call slim then we meet out front and now with three houses we can support the art that finds our midwest and rightfully they'll want to come back again to us here who stay in the forties smoky rooms cold basement floors the best life I could ask for and if we never live then how is it we're gonna die and if it isn't work then why would we ever need to retire?
Track Name: Because I make it my Duty
Because of something I can't take back I might should watch.. Because of something I can't take back I should shut up I should watch what comes out of my mouth... I like my words to portray how I feel but somehow this still feels so fucked up I'm lost when I see sadness when I see grief it puts me in a place I'd rather not be when I've no control when I'm grovelling and this is not your fault I'll keep hearing this is not your fault they will say this is not your fault i'll keep hearing this is not your fault they'll say to me.. knowing all along my actions were a thief and now we're reacting in disbelief the start of this year was too good to me I could tell its no longer a beginning how could so much go wrong in a month and a week watch it all pile up right when you get busy can't you see we all lose when we're knocked off our feet look what has happened to make us believe.
Track Name: Heatin' Up
you can sit for weeks not do a thing the rest is great but thats just not for me. Setbacks so real you must believe where'd the air go from under our feet I'm dying to know who's been in the street ears to the ground listening is key we'll try our hardest to not lose sight because the sun is hot and way up high I hear the future could be so bright enough that we should shield our eyes from rhetoric from pointless lies that serve only to waste our time. That serve only .. to waste.. That old dirt road we all come from. will never be where I call home know a better place exists when anywhere is better than here. I'm impatient lets leave tonight got no problem being gone its coming back that I despise.