Regret, the Informer split

by Canyons

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Late 2008


released December 30, 2008



all rights reserved


Canyons Kansas City, Missouri

ride with your folks
sideways in a cloud of smoke
bump it til your amps blow
cos you know its goin down fosho


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Track Name: Gary Oldman years loud
haven't you heard the words that are said in the loving confidence of dear friends / and do you really think / it's too much to ask / to not be / let down / at every turn / to show an effort / to care for yourself / to show an effort / to care for yourself / what i propose / is taking an interest in your fucking future... in your fucking future / because running with the wolves / will prove to be vicious / I'm sure you saw your friends / one by one they got pinned / so vicious! / .. and they'll always tell you / that you are worth it / but who will let you know / you never deserved it / you never deserved it.
Track Name: ....things to do in Denver when you're drawing dead
Tell yourself it's just a game / when you've lost / all that you've made / it's just a game / what was at first / just something / to pass the time / has become / an expensive / endeavor of mine / but I can't stay away /
no I can't stay away / because it's the thrill / of I'm all in / I have got a monster hand / when you go out / don't buy back in / tell yourself / it's just a game / when you've lost all that you've made / i'm all in (you should fold)
tell yourself
Track Name: I've got a friend in United Foods
a promise then / now meaningless / brought on by words / that we shared / for with this conversation / all that is feared holds true / speak in the harshest of tone / when you have nothing to lose / how highly possessions / must think of themselves / to think she held a candle / is laughable at best / false hopes that i / would strain myself / in her name / the contentment / of my brothers / is never worth an ounce of pride / the tip of your tongue / burns with so many names / it's a failed attempt / so remain a slave / remain a slave / we work .. we function .. it's a process / I'm not budging / it's the wrong time / I'm not budging